All about the sim2 games

Online games have caught the frenzy of people like never before. And why not, there are so many varieties of games available now days. Consumers are spoilt for choice. To catch the attention of the consumers game manufacturers are coming up with new games everyday. One of the games which is very popular among all the game lovers is simulation games.

Play sims 2 online

These sim games were designed by the famous Will Wright. These games are just a simulation of real life. These games have characters or you can even make new characters. You have to control their lives. These characters are just like real life people, who perform their daily chores, to achieve their personal goals. These characters also have personal goals and you have to make them achieve these goals in a limited time. You have to also make them do their daily activities. These daily activities include everything from brushing teeth, taking bath to even going to the loo. It is a virtual world.

The characters can be human beings as well as animals. A player can choose what he wants. One can choose the season for the game. Different seasons will have different activities. While you play sim 2 online just take care that the characters do not fall ill or they will have to bear severe penalties.

One can even take the characters on holiday trips to various places. You can make them stay at luxury hotels. But one has to keep in mind that you have to manage the money as well.

The characters have needs like real people. The adults get married and have children. The children attend school and the adults attend office and earn money. They face good times as well as bad ones like in real life. There are several obstacles just like the ones you have in real life. Sometimes it is very difficult to overcome them. An easy way to overcome them is sim 2 cheat codes. These are easily available on the net, but it is advisable to first try the game yourself. But do not take it upon yourself if you cannot. Just apply the cheat codes to get to the next level. The game is interesting so when you will start playing it, you would want go to the next level anyhow.

The game just consists of small goals that you have to achieve. It does not have any final stage and the game never ends. So you can keep on playing the game as long as you want.

For people who are planning to buy this game, just make sure before buying it that these games can be played on the personal computer you have. As the windows version you may be using may be different from the one that the game requires. So it may be anything from a vista, to a XP or millennium. It may even be a play station game or an Xbox version. So however hard the sales person tries to convince you to buy, do not buy it without checking its compatibility with your system.

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